Minimum Delivery Amount $30

Areas Served:

  • Spring Lake Heights

  • Spring Lake

  • Belmar

  • Lake Como

  • Seagirt

  • Wall Township-within 2-mile distance. Much bigger area then it sounds.

If we can’t find your address on google maps, we can’t deliver.


Deliveries must be paid in full prior to the order leaving our store.

Delivery Order Deadline

All orders for same day delivery must be placed by 1pm. Certain items may not be able to be prepared in time for same day delivery. See “Items Not Available for Delivery” below.

Delivery Time

Due to the amount of delivery inquires we have received, most of them for dinner type items, we will currently be making one delivery a day, so we can deliver them one after another.

Deliveries will leave our store at 4pm. We anticipate about an hour to make all deliveries.

Items Not Available for Delivery

Currently we will only be able to same day deliver items we have available in stock. If you call early enough, some items, like a tray of prepared food, may be able to be prepared for delivery same day. This depends on what we have in stock. Otherwise we can prepare those items for next day delivery. We have an online ordering option available for that.

Delivery Guidelines

The driver will call you to let you know he has arrived, he will leave your order in front of your door.

If you do not answer the call, he will leave a message, ring your bell and leave your order in front of your door. A picture will be taken of its location to document where the order was left.

The driver will be in his personal vehicle and will be wearing a Drew’s Market hat.

Gratuities for the driver can be taken over the phone or online when you pay. If you want to give a cash gratuity, that can be worked on the phone with the driver when he arrives, as to where you will leave it.

We would like to keep the delivery service contactless. Please do not approach the driver anytime during your delivery.

If you plan on placing a subsequent order, it would be appreciated if you saved a Drew’s Market bag to hang on your door before your delivery arrives. It will help the driver make sure he is at the correct address.



To help reduce the possibility of transmitting this virus to each other, and our customers, we are requiring that all orders be placed by phone, or online.

No customers will be allowed to enter the store.

When you arrive, come to the front door. Please stand to the right of the door in front of the window.

Don't worry: we will see you!

We will ask for your name, please be patient as we may be serving another customer. We will take payment-cash, credit card or check. We will retrieve your order and leave it on the table out front for you to retrieve.

Again, no customers allowed in the store.

All butcher orders need to be placed in advance.

Check our website & Facebook page for the current number of days it will take us to fill your butcher order.

Our prepared foods will be limited and will be listed on our Facebook page, available for that day while those quantities last. If not Facebook friendly, you may visit our website, or call. We will stock a full range of cold cuts and cheeses for slicing and for sandwiches, as well as the usual canned and prepackaged items we normally carry. We will try to keep items in stock as much as possible. We will also prepare custom made dinners based on our items in stock. We ask for your patience as we try to keep up with orders during this difficult time. Our store hours are subject to change.

• To safeguard our employees and customers, please make your purchases carefully, as all sales are final.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, and more importantly, for your kind words of support.